Welcome to Fig Harajuku! Our shop is located at only 1 minute walk from JR Harajuku station.  There are more costumes and items that are not on theFig online store. You can try on all costumes (3 pcs max at one time). There is also costume repair services (only Fig costumes). So please stop by and come in!

Access to Fig Harajuku

How to get to Fig Harajuku from JR Harajuku station♪

1.  Go out of JR Harajuku station  at [TAKESHITA EXIT]

2. Stand behind JR Harajuku station,
you will see Takeshita street entrance in front.

3. Across the signal in front.

4. After the signal turn LEFT and go straight.

5. Turn RIGHT the first corner.
You will find [Ramen Seiya (Noodle shop)] at the corner.

6. When you walk 8 steps from the corner,
you will see [Marble (hair salon)] on your right.

7. Right side of [Marble], there is an entrance for Building Domicir HIRANO.

8. Enter and take  the Elevator to 5th Floor.
And goal to Fig Harajuku! 

Welcome to Fig Harajuku! Enjoy shopping!